Spring Has Sprung

Happy Easter from the Prairie Oak Ranch Crew

Binky has been the barn mascot for about 7 years. Yes she is a a pig but not just any pig, she has her likes and dislikes and she is a fine connoisseur of wine ( Chardonnay only ) on a hot summer day.

She is not always pleasant , probabaly lack of sleep, but in general if you sit down for a visit,scratch her ear and listen to her  mumble she will be your best bud.

It has been a different year for me at the ranch .Two foot surgeries one in August 2016 and the last one in January 2017; so I am just getting back on my feet you might say.

My program has changed I am no longer going to be involved wth cutting. Thats not saying if someone wants some help I wont give it but my days of hauling are done. It has been a great experience mixed in with some very dark days but luckily I came out on top and that is a good way to finish ones career. As they say you are only as good as your last ride which was a a top 20 in the open NCAH world finals in 2009 when I personally retired from showing; or your last student which was Allegra Claughton 2016 Canadian Junior Youth Champion,Calgary Stampede Champion and Alberta Youth Champion. I met many wonderful folks on my tour with Andrea Rudkin and JimWilson in their quest for a world title. Andrea won the  world 2k limit and Jim finished with a top 15 buckle. I finshed in the top 20 open and was more than pleased as cast and splints on my hands for most of the year were indeed a handicap. The memories of 2007,2008, 2009 will not soon be forgotten thanks to the folks south of the 49th.

Moving forward I hope to continue with my international coaching, online video lessons and of course the encouragment of receational riders to become better horseman here at the ranch.

I can’t say I will slow down but will change direction. I am grateful to all my wonderful clients who have stayed with me through the course of time. Those that still wanted to compete I have moved on to other trainers and know they will be in good hands.

When not teaching I hope to find time to travel a bit more, maybe write a book but won’t mention any ones name:) and just enjoy life; its all to short to be doing something that isn’t fun anymore.

So Happy Easter to all of you . Remember I have not left teaching and training but have changed direction. feel free to drop in for coffee, and watch the “whats happening page” for upcoming activities.

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