Photos of The Historic Reesor Ranch Trip with POR students

While it may not have previously been on my bucket list, to return certainly is.  The Ranch is the best-kept secret in Saskatchewan. The scenery, the food and of course all the great people we met, from the owners to staff and guests. Many visitors were from Calgary and area, while others were as far away as Germany. Here are few photos to capture the essence of the area.


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Historic Reesor Ranch

Arriving at the Reesor Ranch ( www.reesorranch.com)  we were greeted by Scott Reesor who graciously showed us where to settle our horses and then ourselves. Our rooms are quaint with family history and photos on the walls. The beds are fantastic and the food even better. Scott barbecues the best steak and his wife Theresa has a good handle on the remaining meals, breakfast and hand packed lunches. Its been a while since I have had such a great lunch in the hills.

Our first day was spent riding the plateau, viewing the conglomerates, watching the wildlife and just enjoying our new found treasure.

Day two and we are heading out to help push cows closer to the main ranch.  At the end of the day, we know a fabulous steak dinner awaits us…. accompanied by some great stories of days gone by recited by Scott. 

Stay tuned for day three and four, in the meantime keep a leg on each side and your mind in the middle. Enjoy the ride we are.

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The Smoke Has Cleared

Sadly it has been a very difficult time for folks in B.C, and Montana this summer with the many fires. Many are still burning and out of control but for the time being the smoke is clearing.

This is a repeat of 2017 with similar damage in many areas.

For those of us who have been spared from fires, it is extremely dry and the utmost attention is needed for outside activities.

Some of my students and I were headed to the Ashnola in BC for a pack trip but due to all the closures have made alternate plans. cypress hills here we come.

Will include photos and update upon our return next week. Until then keep one leg on each side and your mind in the middle. Enjoy the ride where ever it might take you.




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Congratulations Emma Gowers

This past weekend April 22 A Working Equitation Show was held in Turner Valley. Emma Gowers who a recently new rider to Prairie Oak Ranch has been working very hard to improve her skills for WE. Her hard work paid off as she and her horse Oakley emerged champions for the day in the first schooling show of the year.

A Happy Team of Champions

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Welcome to 2018

2017 is history. It was a year of mixed emotion, my decision to retire from cutting was huge but it was a good time to do so.  2018 brings me the time to share with my recreational riders what I am most passionate about GOOD HORSEMANSHIP. No matter what discipline you choose, to make it easy for your horse, a good seat, kind hands and proper communication is most important. Barrel Racers, Working Equitation, Cowboy Challenge, Western Dressage, Cutting, Penning, Hunter Jumpers or just riding the backcountry its all about the basics. Check out the facebook page for Prairie Oak Ranch and join us for some basic fun with your horse. I can guarantee I can make a difference with you and your horse while having a good time.

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Happy Summer

It seems that just a few weeks ago we celebrated Easter and now we are now just days away from the first day of summer.

Life at Prairie Oak Ranch has been busy as usual with a few changes in the programs.

I have decided to quit coaching and training cutters. My focus now will be clinics on horsemanship and my regular horsemanship programs with trips to the mountains.This was not an easily made decision and I thank all of my cutting students over the past 15 years. Its been a great ride, many National and Provincial Championships as well as a world title, a top 15 and a  top 20 in the NCHA World standings.

I still have some great lesson horses available as well will  be offering some programs where you can come and learn to train your own horse under my guidance.

There is a summer full of ranch clinics so stay posted or give the office a call.

403 850 0617

Next report will follow Calgary Stampede. Wishing all competitors good cuts and kind cows.

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Spring Has Sprung

Happy Easter from the Prairie Oak Ranch Crew

Binky has been the barn mascot for about 7 years. Yes she is a a pig but not just any pig, she has her likes and dislikes and she is a fine connoisseur of wine ( Chardonnay only ) on a hot summer day.

She is not always pleasant , probabaly lack of sleep, but in general if you sit down for a visit,scratch her ear and listen to her  mumble she will be your best bud.

It has been a different year for me at the ranch .Two foot surgeries one in August 2016 and the last one in January 2017; so I am just getting back on my feet you might say.

My program has changed I am no longer going to be involved wth cutting. Thats not saying if someone wants some help I wont give it but my days of hauling are done. It has been a great experience mixed in with some very dark days but luckily I came out on top and that is a good way to finish ones career. As they say you are only as good as your last ride which was a a top 20 in the open NCAH world finals in 2009 when I personally retired from showing; or your last student which was Allegra Claughton 2016 Canadian Junior Youth Champion,Calgary Stampede Champion and Alberta Youth Champion. I met many wonderful folks on my tour with Andrea Rudkin and JimWilson in their quest for a world title. Andrea won the  world 2k limit and Jim finished with a top 15 buckle. I finshed in the top 20 open and was more than pleased as cast and splints on my hands for most of the year were indeed a handicap. The memories of 2007,2008, 2009 will not soon be forgotten thanks to the folks south of the 49th.

Moving forward I hope to continue with my international coaching, online video lessons and of course the encouragment of receational riders to become better horseman here at the ranch.

I can’t say I will slow down but will change direction. I am grateful to all my wonderful clients who have stayed with me through the course of time. Those that still wanted to compete I have moved on to other trainers and know they will be in good hands.

When not teaching I hope to find time to travel a bit more, maybe write a book but won’t mention any ones name:) and just enjoy life; its all to short to be doing something that isn’t fun anymore.

So Happy Easter to all of you . Remember I have not left teaching and training but have changed direction. feel free to drop in for coffee, and watch the “whats happening page” for upcoming activities.

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January to Remember

Its difficult to decide  which weather report you should plan your day,week or for that matter hour around. The one thing that has been constant is that January has been colder than normal with plenty of snow. Thankfully in my area the wind has been kind and blizzard like conditions have been few. However we go from -30C to plus 8C in just a few days and as nice as that is to us humans it becomes a deadly walking surface for the  four legged critters. The -30 made riding unpleasant inspite of a heated arena, so many students and horses had a few days off. The latest  report is a drop in temp and a bit of snow, the latter being much appreciated to cover the ice. But the heat is on so riders don’t weaken. Our barn has been reno’d allowing more space to dry out your horses after your ride and while you enjoy a beverage in the coffee room.

The Silver Slate Winter Series is full speed ahead to which we are a proud sponsor of one of their classes. The Santangelo family puts a huge amount of effort into these activities whether its cutting , barrel racing, penning or working cow horse. Prairie Oak Ranch thanks you for this effort as it gives our students a safe place to play.

Our seminars on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings have been well attended. If you have any subjects you would like to see offered don’t hesitate to send a request though our web mail.

Since I am unable to be very mobile for the next 6 – weeks I will use my time wisely and keep my web site updated on a more regular basis.

Until I am back riding I am fortunate to have family and friends that will over see my students and continue to work with you on your riding journey.




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Congratulations Allegra – Calgary Youth Champion 2016

Three years ago this young gal at the age of 9 came to ride at Prairie Oak Ranch. She was full of energy, passion and ability, put that all together and three years later you have a Calgary Youth Champion scoring a 219. Her partner was Quixote Special kindly loaned to her by Arnon Levy since her own horse Tule had been injured.

This year has been good for Allegra as she currently sits in number one position in both the Canadian and the Alberta Youth with her great horse Tule.

Mother nature must have received the rain request in triplicate.  She can quit now so the farmers can get in their crops and hopefully we should be good for moisture content for awhile.

August comes with few shows so we fill in the month with summer camps which start August 15th. The children have a great time riding, roping, and ranching. High on the list of learning are the many knots that will be valuable later on in life with or with out a horse. Friendly competitions over the obstacle courses and of course learning how to build a loop so they can rope the variety of objects on the course. Naturally all the horses have been schooled very well and have great patience allowing lots of ropes around the ears and legs etc.

The cutters will continue to ready themselves for that last two weekend shows of the year in September and then aged events  begin.





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“How time flies”

Back in April,whenI started my spring blog, I thought mother nature had missed the memo for the much needed rain we requested.

Now here we are on the “Canada Day ” long weekend dodging tornado warnings , hail and plenty of rain. The grass is coming, the crops have survived the hail and we are just a few days away from the Calgary Stampeded and the Mecuria Cutting (which includes the Bill Collins Youth Cutting). Last year was the first in many years we did not have a representative from Prairie Oak Ranch, Hopefully this year will be different. Allegra is leading the Alberta Cutting Horse Youth and splitting 2/3 in Canada ; never the less she still needs to qualify this coming weekend for a place at the Calgary Stampeded.

We have had a good buffalo calf crop this year with just one more cow to calve bringing our small herd to 13.

The mountain trips have been great (a bonus for the ranch students both recreational and cutting) the trails after the floods a few years back are returning to normal again.

Alaina Braybrook riding Time in Montana won the Novice Challenge Shootout last weekend in Okotoks. She was reserve last year so she had her heart set on doing the best job she could and in deed she did in 2016. She captured the championship saddle donated by Greg Dunn and Associates a former Prairie Oak Ranch student.

In fact during a recent conversation with some of the cutters during the presentation awards which included Scott Wardley another former student; that 10% approximately of the amateur/non pro cutters started cutting under the guidance of the Prairie Oak  Ranch Crew .”The Wright Team” believes strongly in the grass root cutters as they are the future of our associations and the ones who buy the aged event horses when they have finished that part of their career.

Well until next time keep one leg on each side of your horse and your mind in the middle.









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